W.L.C. October Newsletter

Things to get done this month: Pressure washing Aeration Why Aerate?• Relieves soil compaction• Reduces water run off and puddling• Prepares grass for winter dormancy and a green grass in spring Why Pressure Wash?• Improves and protects environment health• Reduces damage from grime build up• Primes surfaces and saves money Read more HERE

W.L.C. August Newsletter

Crabgrass Blues Crabgrass, or Digitaria, can almost always be found in parks, lawns and even streets of areas with warmer climates. This weed is incredibly persistent and can overcome most of the home improvement store brand weed killers. Even with pre and post emergent applications these weeds can invade your lawn if you mow your lawn withContinue reading “W.L.C. August Newsletter”