February Newsletter-The Limits of DIY Lawncare

Weed killer spray, preremergent and postemergent granules are all limited in what they can eliminate in your yard. All weed killers in big box stores only cover some of the weeds available in the region their sold in. However, professional weed killers, available where licensed landscapers attain their materials at a discounted rate, cover everContinue reading “February Newsletter-The Limits of DIY Lawncare”

January Newsletter-Your Lawn Care Calendar

JANUARY – FEBUARY Complete winter pruning – evergreen and deciduous plants – (non-flowering and summer flowering trees and shrubs). 2. Leaf removal. 3. Lawns mowed bi-weekly, trimming and edging completed as needed. 4. Granular Weed Pre-Emergent MARCH- APRIL Prune flowering trees. 2. Lawns mowed Edging and trimming completed every two (2) weeks. 3. Weed controlContinue reading “January Newsletter-Your Lawn Care Calendar”

December Message-Installing Corrugated Pipes

For proper drainage on your property and the longevity of all building structures on your property, install corrugated pipes. Make sure to bury the pipes 12 inches deep and 6 inches wide and cover the piping up. Be sure to pat the soil down firmly. Note: You may need fill dirt to add on topContinue reading “December Message-Installing Corrugated Pipes”

W.L.C. August Newsletter

Crabgrass Blues Crabgrass, or Digitaria, can almost always be found in parks, lawns and even streets of areas with warmer climates. This weed is incredibly persistent and can overcome most of the home improvement store brand weed killers. Even with pre and post emergent applications these weeds can invade your lawn if you mow your lawn withContinue reading “W.L.C. August Newsletter”