The Truth About Aeration

Don’t aerate in the cool season with warm season grasses   Let us tell you why…   Weeds!   When you aerate a warm season grass like Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine you give weeds that grow year-round room to fill in the holes.   Animals and Bugs   We all know that animalsContinue reading “The Truth About Aeration”

February Newsletter-The Limits of DIY Lawncare

Weed killer spray, preremergent and postemergent granules are all limited in what they can eliminate in your yard. All weed killers in big box stores only cover some of the weeds available in the region their sold in. However, professional weed killers, available where licensed landscapers attain their materials at a discounted rate, cover everContinue reading “February Newsletter-The Limits of DIY Lawncare”