New Yard! Who Dis?! September Newsletter

3 Things to consider to create an appealing lawn: Weed RemovalWeeds sprout in all seasons. Create a plan of attack to keep your lawn healthy year-round. Paver InstallationMake your home a haven while we’re stuck at home! Make your appointment for a free estimate. Lawn MaintenanceA cut and go service we ARE NOT! We areContinue reading “New Yard! Who Dis?! September Newsletter”

What is Goosegrass?

W.L.C. June Newsletter What is Goosegrass? Spring and summer months mean big bad WEEDS! Some of the worst ones in these seasons are burweeds (Soliva pterosperma), crab grass and goosegrass.We’ll tackle one topic each month and June’s subject is goosegrass (Eleusine Indica).Goosegrass loves the heat and only sprouts when temperatures reach 60 degrees or hotter, hence theContinue reading “What is Goosegrass?”