W.L.C. November Newsletter

Why Preemergence?
• Prevents winter weeds from growing
• Healthier for your pets and the environment than weed spray
• Improves lawn health
• Kills most current weeds

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Also, give us flowers while we can smell them!
Help us stand apart from the competition in these trying times, and it doesn’t cost you a dime

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W.L.C. October Newsletter

Things to get done this month:

  1. Pressure washing
  2. Aeration

Why Aerate?
• Relieves soil compaction
• Reduces water run off and puddling
• Prepares grass for winter dormancy and a green grass in spring

Why Pressure Wash?
• Improves and protects environment health
• Reduces damage from grime build up
• Primes surfaces and saves money

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New Yard! Who Dis?! September Newsletter

3 Things to consider to create an appealing lawn:

Weed Removal
Weeds sprout in all seasons. Create a plan of attack to keep your lawn healthy year-round.

Paver Installation
Make your home a haven while we’re stuck at home! Make your appointment for a free estimate.

Lawn Maintenance
A cut and go service we ARE NOT! We are an insured company with 2 decades of experience. Take a look at our work and services.

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W.L.C. August Newsletter

Crabgrass Blues

Crabgrass, or Digitaria, can almost always be found in parks, lawns
and even streets of areas with warmer climates. This weed is incredibly persistent and can overcome most of the home improvement store
brand weed killers.

Even with pre and post emergent applications these weeds can invade
your lawn if you mow your lawn with infected blades. A neighbor’s side discharge landing in your yard can also be the culprit for these pests popping up.
The best way to limit the spread of this painfully common weed is to combine 3 methods of weed removal.

The Rule of 3!
• Pull – Get some gardening gloves and a kneeling/garden pillow and
start pulling the biggest patches. If you have harder soil, you may
need a hand shovel.
• Bag – Don’t mulch or use side discharge for at least 3 mows. Bag up
all the clippings so no more issues can take root in your grass.
• Spray – If you can, get a professional to spray professional grade
weed control. If not, get the highest concentration of store brand weed control to spray the lawn after a cut. Be sure to read the effects it will
have on pets and little ones.

Tip: The percentage of active weed control is shown on the back of each bottle. The most expensive weed control is not necessarily the best!

Burweeds Suck!

W.L.C. July Newsletter

Spotting Burweeds

The Spring and Summertime are seasons of swimming, blue skies and STICKER WEEDS or Soliva pterosperma! Oh, how we loathe them! But how can we spot them to handle them before they end up in our pet’s fur, stuck to our gardening gloves and stuck on our little ones feet?

How to Spot It!
Here are 3 main ways:

1. It starts forming in cold months and comes in clusters
2. Its leaves are bright green, at first, and star shaped 
3. Each stem has several leaves that have the potential to grow into full-blown stickers

Tip: If they get to the full-blown prickly phase, several applications of commercial grade weed killer will only partially help. A preemergent herbicide applied in the winter is the best way to prevent these bad boys.
Here are some more sources for facts on common burweeds: