March Newsletter-Contact Free Lawn Estimates

Small businesses have to get creative during these times and one of the ways to keep the business owners, employees and clients safe is to offer contact free estimates.

These kinds of quotes allow for the normal information to be exchanged when bidding or re-bidding on projects without a chance of exposure to other individuals.

However, it doesn’t have to be impersonal. If you have a client that doesn’t mind standing 6ft apart with a mask and receiving the official quote through mail or digitally, you have a winning situation.

There’s also awesome platforms like Google Meet and Zoom, which several professionals have had to get familiar with within the past year.

Finally, a good old fashioned phone call can get the job done when live videos aren’t required. If videos are, apps like Google Duo, Skype and Hangout can be downloaded to chat live!

However you choose to to give safe quotes, it’s the right choice. Your health and the health of your loved ones comes 1st!

Read More about video Chat Apps!

Published by BrittanyW

Co Owner and Operator of West Lawn Care LLC

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