The Truth About Aeration

Don’t aerate in the cool season with warm season grasses  
Let us tell you why…  

When you aerate a warm season grass like Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine you give weeds that grow year-round room to fill in the holes.  

Animals and Bugs  
We all know that animals and bugs jump at creating homes in small holes. If you aerate anytime other than April through July in southeast US, you create prime real estate for small animals and ground dwelling bugs.  

Make sure you need it  
Aeration is for soil/dirt that is prone to hardness and dryness. It is needed for any yards with Georgia red clay and sandy textures near the top. It helps to let water penetrate the ground for a healthier lawn, but only if done right!

Let us know if you need to schedule aeration!  

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