How To Rid Your Yard of Weeds

These can be done in addition to services provided by West Lawn Care LLC  

1. Identify your weeds  
Using the ID WEEDS APP you can take a picture of the abnormal plants you want to rid your lawn of. This way you can create the best plan of action to rid your garden of them  

2. Get the right solution  
When using store bought weed control, the bottles or bags will have detailed listings of what kind of weeds it kills on the back. On bottles of weed control, don’t be afraid to peel back the paper flap and read because it may kill 150 kinds of weeds but you need to know if yours is one of them! Make sure it’s a weed killer, or post emergent, if the weeds are already there.  

3. Be patient  
According to Sierra Natural Science it can take up to 30 days for the specific weeds targeted to die. If those plants are stubborn, try spraying heavily twice per month and make sure to get weed treatments in the winter to prevent Spring mayhem.  

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