Burweeds Suck!

W.L.C. July Newsletter

Spotting Burweeds

The Spring and Summertime are seasons of swimming, blue skies and STICKER WEEDS or Soliva pterosperma! Oh, how we loathe them! But how can we spot them to handle them before they end up in our pet’s fur, stuck to our gardening gloves and stuck on our little ones feet?

How to Spot It!
Here are 3 main ways:

1. It starts forming in cold months and comes in clusters
2. Its leaves are bright green, at first, and star shaped 
3. Each stem has several leaves that have the potential to grow into full-blown stickers

Tip: If they get to the full-blown prickly phase, several applications of commercial grade weed killer will only partially help. A preemergent herbicide applied in the winter is the best way to prevent these bad boys.
Here are some more sources for facts on common burweeds:



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